The Bolek Family – Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

There is something about an adorable little 2 year old girl all dolled up and wearing new Fall boots that can set a family photo session up for success!

Sarah and I are taking you back to a Fall Family session that we did with the Bolek Family.  We pulled up to Glen Echo Park enamored with the fiery yellow leaves billowing from the trees at the entrance of the park.  We greeted the family as they got out of their car and we immediately swooned over the aforementioned 2-year-old little girl, Aubrie.

As a blended family, there was mom, Merrie with her son, Bobby and her mother, Connie and then Dad, Kevin, with 2-year-old, Aubrie, there were quite a few photo combinations to hone in on. You could immediately see that there was a lot of love here!

We began our journey down a long wooden staircase into the park.  We stopped for photos there, hoping to warm up Bobby to the idea of being the subject of so many “embarrassing” photos with Mom, but we did it!  He had a blast throughout the session.

We continued through the park with the threat of rain looming above.  There was a beautiful concrete bridge that covered a creek bed, that we crossed over as we followed the walking path.  We snapped photos along the way of the family playing.

We finally came to a beautiful mural that had been painted of birds on a tunnel wall in the park.  And what perfect timing, because at that moment a steady rain began to fall.  We took advantage of the mural and snapped some memories as we waited out the rain.

On our way back through the park to return to our cars, we gave Aubrie an umbrella to play with.  It made for some fun photos, and a pretty big negotiation to get it back.

Overall, we had so much fun capturing some amazing Fall photos of a beautiful family.  We hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did taking them.

In Love & Light,

Sarah and Nikki



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