The Wedding of Kaci & Jake

As we all know, New Years Eve is a great time to party it up, but what kind of party can top a NYE Party?  A wedding, of course!

Sarah and I had been excited for Kaci and Jake’s wedding for quite some time.  We completed their engagement photos back in the warm days of August.  We had so much fun walking them through the back roads and empty fields of Delaware County.  They are one of those couples that, you just know, are meant to be together.

When December 31, 2016 came, we made the drive to Canton, OH where the wedding would be held.  We met Kaci at Jake’s family’s property.  The girls decided to stay together overnight and do all of their primping together throughout the afternoon.  The guys stayed at Jake’s house, located on the same property.

Kaci was in an adorable white bridal robe and shorts set, glass of wine in hand, laughing with her girls as each one took their turn for hair and make up.  We snapped some photos of the details, such as her GORGEOUS slim fitting satin and lace dress, her sparkly shoes, her Pink perfume, and her headpiece, garter, and earrings.

Then, we went to meet up with the guys who were prepping for the big day.  Jake and Apollo (their German Shepherd) met us at the door when we arrived.  From there, boy did we have fun keeping 12 men, in their mid-20’s, wrangled and focused for wedding photos.  But we did it and they had smiles on their faces (and beers in their hands).

Sarah and I then headed back down the winding path through the woods returning to Kaci and her girls.  Unfortunately, the beautiful soft fallen snow, that had just held on long enough to try to let us capture photos of the girls in the woods, turned to dampness and puddles as the rain began to fall.  They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, right?

Then came one of my favorite parts of the day.  I know, I know, the ceremony, the kiss, the first dance, all of that is coming…but this part of the day is my highlight.

Putting on that dress.

The first thing your mom sees as she zips and buttons you up to let go of her little girl, the first thing Daddy sees as he hands you off to another man, the first thing your bridesmaids see as you start a journey with the love of your life, and the first thing your groom will see as he takes you as his wife.  Insert heart flutters.

Kaci’s mom, Mary, and her sister, Kyra, were there to assist Kaci getting into her dress.  She was absolutely glowing as she put it on.  Mary zipped her up and Kyra happily took on the daunting task of buttoning every tiny intricate button.

The word STUNNING does not even begin to describe Kaci in that dress.  Loved shined through giggles, smiles, and choked back tears.

As she came down the staircase to reveal to her friends, they were in awe.  Since the rain continued, Sarah and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful wooden staircase in the main room of the cabin to do bridal party portraits.  The soft glow of the white lights still hanging from the banister from Christmas just the week before created an ideal scene.

After portraits we rushed off to St. George Romanian Orthodox Church where the ceremony and reception were to held.  As the bridal party gathered flowers and prepared to walk down the aisle, we grabbed some detail photos of the beautifully decorated reception hall.

Then it was time.  What Kaci and Jake had waited for, for over a year now.  To become husband and wife.

It was a very traditional procession starting with the grandparents being led to their seats.  Followed by the 11 sets of bridesmaids and groomsmen, 3 flower girls, and 2 ring bearers.

Then Jake took his spot.  Halfway down the aisle alongside his parents, as that is customary in a Roman Orthodox wedding.   He stood awaiting the arrival of his bride.  The Wedding March began to play and around the corner came Kaci, with Mom and Dad on each arm.  She met Jake at the halfway mark and they both beamed at each other.

The wedding lasted about an hour long and included the traditional Romanian Orthodox “crowning ceremony.”  I have to give a little background on this so you can truly take in the beauty behind it.

After the exchange of the rings, the priest places a crown on the groom’s head and then chants the crown blessing three times.  He then does the same by placing the crown on the bride’s head and again chants the blessing three times.  He then continues to chant a blessing as he lifts the crowns and switches them back and forth over the bride and groom’s heads three times.  They then each drink from the common cup and then complete a processional around the table three times as the Dance of Isaiah is sung.   The significance of the crowns is the symbolism that Kaci and Jake have just become the king and queen of their newly created family.

How cool is that?!?

The ceremony ended with a love filled kiss solidifying their marriage.  After hugs and a long processional line, we had some fun with Kaci and Jake and their bridal party and families while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.

Then it was time to party! Complete with an open bar, delicious food, and an Ohio State Football game on the electronic devices floating throughout the reception hall, Kaci and Jake knew how to throw a party!

The toasts by the Fathers were filled with emotion, love and warmth.  The toasts by the matron of honor, maid of honor, and best man were filled with tears of joy and tears of laughter.

The DJ kept the evening rolling with Kaci and Jake’s first dance to Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up.  Sniffle Sniffle.  Then the must-have dances between Mom and Groom, Dad and Bride, and Mom and Bride.  The dancing continued through the evening leading to the always fun dollar dance, bridal bouquet toss, garter toss, and “how well do you know each other” shoe game.

The evening picked up when the Happy New Year hats, kazoos, and champagne flutes came out to ring in 2017.  Kaci and Jake held on to one another as they counted down the final seconds of 2016 and sealed zero with a kiss and a midnight toast! Kaci’s mom read a very heartfelt toast written by her grandfather as an end cap to the party.  Dancers straggled out and the night came to an end.

We can’t say enough about Kaci and Jake and their New Years Eve wedding.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your day and we wish you a lifetime of Love & Light!




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