Baby Brown Maternity Session

“My Treasures Are Within” was scribed on the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s entrance wall.  While I’m sure it is in reference to the many many books and “treasures” found on the inside of the library, Lauren and Chris provided a completely different perspective.


On a cool and windy day in February, Sarah and I had the privilege of meeting up with Lauren and Chris to photograph them and their “treasure within.”

Let me take you back to September 2016.  It was then that we met Lauren and Chris and they had some exciting news to share.  We had so much fun capturing their pregnancy announcement photos so that they could spread their joy, that they were bringing new life to the world!

Now fast forward again to the present and it is now time for maternity photos (all shared below)! Sarah and I are huggers and could not wait to embrace Lauren and Chris when they met us at the library for their session.  Lauren showed up with the cutest baby belly, accented perfectly by that “boy” blue dress.  We just love babies!

Now about this library.  I cannot tell you how amazing the newly renovated library is.  The bright open feeling you get walking in is so welcoming and warm.  There are large square columns and beautiful staircases that give such a simple, yet sleek and modern look to the library. We had so much fun snapping such sophisticated photos Lauren and Chris, as they fit right in.

We then moved into the children’s area.  We went on a search for Lauren’s favorite childhood book, Where the Wild Things Are, and with the help of a library aide, we found it!  We had a lot of laughs watching Chris and Lauren read through the book together and wandering in and out of the different size entry ways to the children’s area.

After meandering through the library we then moved outside behind the building where we found the sunshine and an awesome backdrop for a few more photos.  Between bright white columns, empty winterized trees, a icy cold pond, and Lauren’s stunning smile, we had all we could ask for as photographers.

We finished up at the library and moved a couple of miles away to Scioto Audubon Metro Park. By this point the sun began fading on us fast, which was probably a good thing, but subsequently, the temperature was dropping too.  The wind had picked up and poor Lauren was freezing.  She was a trooper finishing out the session, never complaining, while Chris tried to keep her as warm as possible.

We snapped some photos in a nearby field and then just had to catch a few of that baby bump in front of the buildings of Downtown Columbus.  Wow, fabulous!

Sarah and I had so much fun with Lauren and Chris for the second time around and we are so grateful to be a part of their journey.  We love love love these photos and love love love Lauren and Chris even more.

In Love & Light,

Nikki and Sarah

p.s. We are beyond excited to meet this little boy and will be over the moon to share his newborn photos once he arrives.  Baby Brown Coming Soon!



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