Baby Fellows Coming Soon

It was cold.  But there was a lot to celebrate.  Nikalete and Lou are patiently awaiting their first child, a baby girl (who already owns the CUTEST pink cowgirl boots ever).  I arrived at the Fellows’ home in Galena, Ohio, on a blustery, dreary, Saturday afternoon, welcomed by their furry family member, Rosco.

Mind you, the day before our session, there were sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s, in February, in Ohio.  But that’s what makes Ohio, well, Ohio.  When I pulled up to Nikalete’s house for their maternity session, there were snow flurries flying and I had my heavy coat layered on.  The temperatures were in the 30s but the wind was fierce and made it that much colder.

Nikalete was excited to get started.  She took me across the yard to her neighbor’s property while we waited on her husband to change clothes for the shoot.  A bright red barn, a creek bed with an adorable bridge, and a swing and gazebo made from the top of an old silo sat on her neighbor’s property.

Once Lou joined us, we headed towards the red barn for photos.  That baby bump against that red barn was so stinkin’ cute.  We had some fun showing off Nikalete and Lou’s love for each other (and showing off those pink baby boots) with snuggles and kisses.  Believe me, Nikalete needed it to stay warm, if nothing else.

We then moved along the property to the bridge and swing area.  I sent Lou in for a blanket as Nikalete was shivering at this point.  While he ran in for the blankie, we took some fun pictures on the swing, capturing her beautiful soft smile.

Once Lou came back, I grabbed some photos of the two parents-to-be snuggling up to keep themselves warm.  Roscoe wanted nothing to do with us and our pictures, he was more concerned with a half flat basketball that he kept carrying around with him.

That half flat basketball actually became his point of focus and allowed me to coax him into actually looking at me for some photos.  If baby girl Fellows is anything like her doggie brother, our newborn session should be fun.

Once we captured these “family” photos, we decided to call it an afternoon.  I’m not sure our fingers and toes could have taken much more wind and cold.

I absolutely loved getting to know Nikalete and Lou and had a wonderful time creating memories for them as first time parents.  Coming in April, Baby Girl Fellows!

In love & light,




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