Introducing Duke – Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Columbus, OH

There’s no simple way to describe it – the feeling you get when you look at a baby for the first time that has only been Earth side for a handful of days. For nine months before, watching the belly grow into a gorgeous, full bump, wondering what he would look like when he arrived – and then you’re pulling up to their driveway for a lifestyle newborn photography session and you can’t believe he’s finally there.

Nikki and I had the pleasure of documenting Lauren & Chris’ pregnancy announcement photos in September, and their maternity photos in February.


The month of April was greeted with great anticipation, knowing we could meet that darling boy at any moment. It was the afternoon of April 11th when we first saw the news posted on Facebook. DUKE IS HERE!! And that big eyed beauty was too scrumptious to handle. I couldn’t wait to get my camera out and photograph him five days later.

We like to do our newborn sessions five days post birth in the comfort of the baby’s home. It sets a very calm and natural tone to the atmosphere and we like documenting things authentically, just as they are, and then mixing in some fun outfits and props if the parents care to incorporate them. Lauren is always prepared and had so many darling things to put on and around him – we were in newborn photography heaven!  Not to mention, Duke slept the majority of the time we were there, allowing us to put him in any position we needed (all natural feeling poses – how he would instinctually lay) without so much as a fuss. When he did cry out, it was so sweet, and nothing a change or bottle couldn’t fix easily.

Lauren and Chris were natural parents. It was beautiful seeing them work together and individually, both with grace and poise as they settled and snuggled their brand new baby. It felt like they have been doing this for a very long time, which goes to show how blessed Duke is to have them to learn from as he turns from boy to man. And a bonus, Duke’s maternal grandma was staying with them to get her newborn love in and help with the transition of bringing home a baby for the first time – not like they needed it, though it’s always a blessing when family is around to spread the joy.

Nikki and I are so thankful for clients like Lauren and Chris – who we can bond and grow with, connect on another level, and share special moments only few will ever witness. Photographing newborn babies is such a privilege, I’m always so grateful to be a part of documenting the most tender moments of their life.

Moments just like these:



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