Taylor & Quinn – Prom 2017 at Inniswood Metro Gardens – Columbus, Ohio portrait photography.

Spring had sprung and flowers were blooming all around, yet it was one of those beautiful days in Columbus, Ohio when winter was still lingering about. Despite the chilly weather, Taylor, Quinn, and their mothers were all smiles during our pre prom portrait session at Inniswood Metro Gardens.

It was a busy evening in the park, the two seniors of the Class of 2017 were exchanging hugs and compliments with their peers as we walked around, me – trying to find areas that were being overlooked by many (so that my client would have somewhat unique photos compared to the rest of the students being photographed there). We didn’t have much time together due to their dinner reservations, but we got everything we needed to get and more.

Taylor and Quinn were so cute together, making each other laugh and being good sports with my soft directing from behind the lens. They were naturals being photographed and with a dress like the one Taylor was wearing, I was swooning over every image we took. She is a stunning young lady, to say the least – and that dress was just a compliment to her beauty.

I have had countless portrait sessions, but this was my very first prom portrait session. With the experience I had with these two, I would do it many times over!

Thank you for reading this short and sweet blog.. and enjoy the images that are to follow. That is an order! ;]






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