Welcoming Bristol Frances – Lifestyle Newborn Session – Columbus, OH.

I received word that Miss Bristol Frances was born on April 12, 2017 at 5:45am.  My response to Nikalete’s email:  Eeeeeeee! These are squeals of excitement.

I had been awaiting Bristol’s arrival for quite some time.  Nikalete contacted us back in November to schedule her maternity session with us, which wouldn’t take place until around the end of February.  We plan to do maternity photos around the 30 week range of pregnancy.

February came quickly following the holidays, and brought with it a blustery, Ohio wintery kind of day (which happened to be following a 70 degree day the day before, yes this is Ohio), not so perfect for an outdoor maternity shoot.  Well, it worked anyway.  I had a blast with Nikalete and Lou, and I shared the full story on our blog.

Following a maternity session becomes the longest waiting period ever! Yes we were busy (as you can tell by our blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages), but we always have the approaching baby’s due date in the back of our minds.

And then in April, we received word, Bristol was here.

We scheduled our session for a few days out.  We arrived at the Giuliani’s home in Galena, OH as that is the place we prefer to hold newborn sessions.  This allows us to capture the family in their most natural setting and, let’s be honest, nothing beats the comfort of your home, especially with a newborn.

We made our way back to Bristol’s room where Nikalete had the absolute cutest props and outfits set out and ready to go.  Bristol was wide awake and ready to say hello to us. And we could not have been more ready to say hello to her.

Bristol loved being cuddled by her momma and daddy while she remained in her most natural outfit, her birthday suit. She was comfortable, she was relaxed, and she was heading towards a nap.

Typically, newborns have their awake moments, and then they have their sleeping moments.  Miss Bristol just did not want to miss a thing, so she spent the day awake with us.  Now the photos may look slightly different from the story I’m telling. One word, binky.

Bristol wasn’t as worried about us as she was the binky she had come to love (which is exactly how my two daughters were from day one).

Insert Behind The Scenes information here:  Nikalete provided her the binky, it calmed her to the point that we thought was “sleep,” and then we would pop it out quickly, snap snap snap the camera, and just before the scream enveloped all of us, we would give it back to her.

This continued multiple times, and we would have done it hundreds more.  The photos turned out utterly adorable, and despite the fact that Bristol didn’t want anything to do with sleep, she was a trooper and we loved her even more for hanging in there with us.

Her dark hair, her chubby cheeks, her tiny little features, this is Bristol.

Nikalete and Lou, thank you so much for letting eL be a part of telling your story and introducing Bristol Frances to the world.  She is beautiful, she is strong, and she is fierce, exactly what a little girl in 2017 should be.





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